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Your videos will only be seen by the people you choose to send them to and no-one else. We also have additional safeguards for extra peace of mind.


Sending and receiving video couldn't be easier which means even friends and family with very little technical experience can get involved and share the memories.


Whether it's a family pet chasing a shadow or a child's first steps, home videos are guaranteed to bring a smile to someone's face.

What people say about us

I only get to see my best friend in the school holidays and it's great that we can share our memories with each other really easily and safely in between these times.

Conner Conner
Aged 14

I moved to Australia with my wife 3 years ago and don't get to see my parents very often. When my first child was born, I could keep them involved by sending them regular videos with Moovidoo. My dad couldn't believe how easy it was.

Fred Fred
Aged 35

My family are spread out all over the country but with Moovidoo we can share our memories and events - it's so easy! So important for an old codger like me!

Roland Roland
Aged 71